From an artsy independent film to a reputable television commercial

Sim F has received many prestigious awards for his works, from an artsy independent film to a reputable television commercial. Sim has a clear and sharp understanding of visual communication with years of production experience. Being one of Indonesia’s most prominent director, He knows what visually sells products while not losing his characteristic and artistic touch. His ability to deliver stunningly artistic visuals combined with interesting storyline is exquisite. Always fascinated by metaphor and analogies, Sim strives to capture images that speaks beyond words.


Dengan Memasukan Sensor 20,3 megapixel, I.S. Ganda dan Kemampuan merekam Video/Foto 4K, Kamera ini akan menangkap subjek anda dengan cara sebaik mungkin, rancangan canggihnya akan memuaskan seklipun bagi fotografer paling berpengalaman


Alexander Sriewijono

Barry Kusuma


Gamaliel Tapiheru

Heret Frasthio


Sim F